How to Capture a Mans Heart?

How to Capture a mans heart?

To capture a mans heart, is not a game about spells, rituals or deception because at the end of the day you want what was so voluntarily given to you.  We all know that any thing that is forcefully given will go away just as quickly or you will have to work continually to keep it. So here are some steps to set us on our way.

 Be yourself & capture a mans heartStep 1 -  Being Yourself

The worst thing that can happen is when one pretends to be something they are not. It is like acting classes stuck in a role that you will always have to play and we know that having a recurring role can become tiresome and boring.

You will be amazed at how, sometimes we think a person would want a particular personality where in reality they love you as you are.

Healthy Lifestyle to capture a mans heartStep 2 – Maintain a healthy lifestyle

No I am not sending you on a diet! What I mean is that if you are not physically, mentally and emotionally healthy you are not ready for yourself and especially for that special one.

Physical health

  • Eat healthy
  • Exercise daily (going for a stroll)
  • getting some sun light

Mental health

  • Try to sustain pure thoughts (working progress for me but gets easier daily)
  • Keeping your emotions in check
  • Do things that relaxes your mind (reading does that for me, or just watching the ocean)
  • Feed your mind with positive thoughts

Emotional health

  • Cry if you want to
  • Scream if you need to
  • Do not bottle up your emotions eventually it will affect you on every aspect of your life

Smiling capture a mans heart Step 3 – Smile and give your face a rest

This is one of the best weaponry and guess what? It is absolutely FREE! Maintain this approach of smiling it changes the contours of your face makes you warmer and makes you more approachable.

    •  Think about things that will make you smile. Try not to let a bad situation or just feeling the blues kills your demeanor. Trust me on that, it is easier to sink into the blues than it is to stay in the suns’ rays.  So shine bright like a diamond with a smile.


  • If you see a guy that you like and wish to make contact, look directly at him and slowly smile and you will see his automatic response will be a smile.   You can look away afterwards if you are not that bold to maintain eye contact.


confidence can capture a mans heartStep 4 – Confidence is attractive

Real men love confidence it is very attractive. Nothing says sexy like a confident woman. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Walk into a room as if it is yours. People see and feel confidence. Just be firm in your belief and your approach.



presentation can capture a mans heartStep 5- Appearance

I am not sending you out go purchase brand name clothes or other expensive gadgets. I am talking about ensuring that you are presentable most of the times.

  • Ensure proper hygiene – brushing your teeth, checking that there are no food particles in your teeth after eating, use deodorant or anything that has a good scent. Do not feel insulted I am just being real. Nobody likes a person who has food smiling at you or the scent coming from them makes you cough.
  • You can always rearrange your wardrobe. I mix and match my outfits all the time. The old with new. Bam!! you have a new outfit. Most times especially for men they do not know what you have worn before . They don’t pay attention to those things. So relax ladies. Make sure that the outfit is spot on clean, no stains or tears anywhere.
  • Learn new hair styles for your hair. Youtube is a great place for these do it yourself videos. No need to  spend these exorbitant amounts on hairstyles and hair maintenance.

Wanting youStep 6- Make him want to know you

As the saying about clothing “leave something for the imagination”. It’s the same about your life. Do not overload on your guy all of your past life stories.

  • Do not just dive into stories of your past be passive in your responses to his questions. If an uncomfortable situation arises with a particular question from your date  you can respond by letting your date know that you will answer at another time.
  • Do not drop your hobbies and pick up his hobbies. Maintain your hobbies and continue to do them. Men love women who are independent of them, even thought you really want to be with him all day.
  • If he asks you for a contact, only give him one preferable your cell number unless he asks for a specific contact like Facebook, Twitter, BBM. You get the drift. You do not want to seem too desperate or eager. Play it calm.
  • If he gives you his contact, you may be the first to approach but do this only once. Let him respond to you, even if he seems as if it is taking forever, just be patient and do not make another contact. Remember never appear desperate.

just a slice is needed to capture a mans heartStep 7- Keep Him Coming for more

Us women make a lot of mistakes by over killing the communication field. Make him want to talk to you more. The world has gotten smaller with the internet and all of these communication apps that makes it easier.

  • Text, IM or calling.  Do not be too desperate, leave room for missed calls, delay responses to IMs and texts. Be available but not desperate.
  • During your conversations with him, sometimes be the first one to end it.
  • Keep your chat profile off sometimes , not all the time . But just do not seem as if your waiting on him. Even though that is what your doing lol.
  • Let him sometimes text you first. In other words let him miss you.

Flirting softens the momentStep 8- Flirt a little

Smile, wink , ladies you know how we can do it. But don’t over do it. Yes in everything be moderate.

  • Allow yourself to be shy around him. Let him see that you are vulnerable and you are not always bold.
  • Let him catch you looking at him. Blush and turn your eyes away when that happens with a little mild smile.
  • Your body projection is important. Like in the movies, when you are around him put your hands behind you not crossed against your chest. Keep your legs slightly apart pointing towards him.  This shows that you are interesting in him and what he is saying.
  • Men love to be teased too. Yes ladies. They do. Be sarcastic, if you both had an awkward moment you can say (well that was not awkward) . Humor is very powerful, it works in a relationship.

Give a hand when neededStep 9- Be thoughtful

Men like to be surprised just as much as we women do. Try it . You will see that expression on his face. He will remember what you did for him no matter what.

  • We all have the blues from time to time. If he has the blues, be supportive, depending on his personality, respond accordingly. For instance, if he is a quiet person you can may be just hold his hands and just be silent with him.
  • If he has a busy day in getting something done maybe you can offer to assist where you can. It must be on your terms do not over do it.

positivity can lead to capture a mans heartStep 10 - Positivism goes a long way

It is easy to be negative, in fact it is shown daily that a negative headline will draw more readership than a positive one. However, in life and relationships,  positivism gives oxygen. We see it everyday, people tend to gravitate to a person that is positive and is not always gossiping or saying the most horrible thing about somebody.


free willStep 11 – Free will is inevitable

At the end of it all, he has the free will to choose to be with you or not . Like wise you could choose to be with him or not. Do not force it.



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